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Monday, May 21, 2007

Almost Back to Normal

We made a quick trip out to Las Vegas last weekend. John Hurley is great in Spamalot, and if you are a fan of Monty Python, you would really enjoy the show! I played the slots on "free" money from Bellagio (for my birthday) and "free" money from the Wynn from joining their players club. All in all, I didn't spend any of MY money, and won about 1800 quarters - which were promptly spent in the spa and at the boutique. We even had time to sit out in the sun, poolside before we came back home!

We had one day back home, and then drove the 8 hour trip to Rochester Minnesota for hubby's appt at Mayo Clinic. He had a liver transplant in 2004 and a kidney transplant in 2005. Now there is an incisional hernia that must be repaired...and since his annual evaluations are already scheduled in June, we are hoping that it can be repaired at that time. That saves us an entire additional trip, so in the meantime, his anti-rejection medications are being adjusted so he can have the surgery. He's feeling great, so perhaps with this last surgery, he can have a great summer for a change!

The weather here has been glorious! Birds chirping, grass growing, mosquitoes biting!

Our grandson, Stephen and Opa have a wonderful time in the yard. Stephen likes anything with motors, and Opa likes to do anything that makes Stephen happy. We have almost two acres, and these two spent the entire morning like this the other day!

I've been putting out my garden ornaments slowly. I found these "Nerdy Nerds" at the hardware store the other day - it seems that Stephen thinks they are real, and he has entire conversations with this one that is by the front patio.

Now, lest you think that I've given up quilting,I want you to think again. I dislike the process of pin basting immensely! Everything else about making the quilt is fine with me, but the pin basting is for the birds! So, this afternoon, I spent doing that dratted chore, and now I have two of the six quilts for Duschene Clinics for this summer ready to run under the machine.

Fabric Karma has been good to me this year, too. The week before we had our whirlwind trip to Las Vegas and MN, a friend from my Bunko group brought me a car trunk load of fabric from her sister-in-law to use for charity quilts. That's what the top quilt is made from, as well as this next picture. It's on my design wall, ready to stitch together tomorrow, and baste. The middle one is the second of two baby quilts gone bad, so I revamped them and I'm using them for these lap quilts. The rest of the year, I am going to make simple single Irish chains for the charity quilts since they make up rather fast, and I can move on to my OWN things!


tami said...

Wow! You sure have been a busy girl. Nice charity quilts.

anne bebbington said...

I empathise totally about the pin-basting - how I wish I could wave a magic wand and a fairy come in and do that part for me. Love the pictures of your husband and grandson on the mower - guess you must have german connection if he gets called Opa

atet said...

Ok, this may sound silly and there may be a reason not to use it -- but have you tried the temporary spray baste? It can avoid all that pin basting -- and if you're not making heirloom quilts or if they are quilts you can wash before giving them away -- would that be an option?

Ms. Jan said...

Boy Sharon, Kevin looks so good and healthy! And Stephen is getting so grown up! Cute pictures of both of them. I'm with you on the pin basting....phooey.

YankeeQuilter said...

Pin basting is the worst...I've tried everything to get around it. The spray stuff sort of gunked (is that a real word?) up my may be I used too much of it. My best advise is a really good glass of wine!

Hope your DH's doctor's visit goes well.

Carol E. said...

I hate pin basting, too. I spray baste now, which I was afraid of for the longest time, but now I won't do any other way. I have to change needles after one or two quilts, but it's a small price to pay. Stephen is adorable and I love the fun relationship going between Stephen and his grandpa. I hope hope hope that my hubby and I get to do that some day... love up some sweet grandkids.

Judy said...

Ah the pinning, It's not so bad but definately the least favorite of the jobs. It hurts the back to do all that standing. Sounds like a very fun time in Vegas!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

The single Irish chain is really perfect for some of the big prints you are using! Amazing how they look so different depending upon the fabric.